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Support Women-Identifying and Non-binary People in Music

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Representation Matters

MidWay Music Speaks celebrates and connects women of all identities and non-binary people in music via promotion, empowerment, and performance opportunities.

As revealed in a 2016 Huffington Post study, gender parity is often neglected and rarely achieved. While women make up over 50% of festival attendees, the festival circuit in particular is notorious for overbooking acts that feature men. National festivals typically have a lineup that includes 80% acts with men only, 15% coed acts, and 5% acts with only women-identifying or non-binary artists. In order to counter these statistics, MidWay seeks out and books acts that feature at least one women-identifying or non-binary artist.

Established in 2018, following the first annual MidWay Music Festival, the organizations now houses a variety of programs including Girls Rock! Bloomington, Rising Star Teen Showcase, music workshops, and MidWay Music Summit. These programs aim to connect artists and music industry professionals to create a more inclusive music scene.

MidWay strives to encourage more women of all identities and non-binary people to make music, bring more gender diversity to the stage, provide youth with strong mentors, make the music industry more accessible to those looking for experience, and create a community of musicians from varying experience levels. Our organization hopes to educate, empower, and entertain.